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Credit Union Tests Biometric Facial Recognition In Kiosks

Securityplus Federal Credit Union recently developed an ATM incorporating a biometric facial recognition device, which will reportedly be ready for its members’ use in the near future. Read more about their implementation of this technology here.

Miami Children’s Hospital and Florida Blue Establish HealthSpot

Miami Children’s Hospital recently partnered with a Floridan insurance carrier, Florida Blue, to create¬†HealthSpot, an 8′ x 7′ enclosure that houses a series of medical devices. The kiosk will be accompanied by a certified medical attendant during business hours. Read more here.

NYC Seeks to Replace Telephone Booths

New York may soon become the free wi-fi seeker’s wildest dream: the city has plans to turn all of the city’s telephone booths into wi-fi hotspots that incorporate multi-purpose kiosks. The kiosks will provide charging stations for users’ phones, keypads that allow users to make free domestic calls, and touch tablets that will allow users

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Schools Plan to Implement New Kiosk Technology

Coachella Valley Unified School District plans to implement new kiosk technology that will provide schools with the ability to post and easily update event schedules, maps, and digital media regarding school highlights (prom, sports events, etc.). The kiosks also possess security functionality: each kiosk is equipped with a sensor that will automatically contact local authorities upon

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Consumer Trends In 2015

Kiosk Marketplace recently reported on Mintel’s announcement of a completed study regarding potential 2015 consumer trends. Here’s their write-up: “Mintel has released an analysis of 2015 consumer trends. The trends are likely to be the ‘most impactful for 2015,’ the company said. Among those are increasing demands for retail convenience and customization, ‘blurring the lines

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